March 19th, 2016

Coach Izzo,

It was the year 2000 and I was in high school career class. We were given an assignment to interview someone in an occupation we hoped to be in someday. So, naturally, I called up the Breslin Center and scheduled a time to interview you.

izzo 3

One thing that stood out to me during our “visit” was seeing the players drop in to your office. What particularly struck me that day was the ease and mutual respect visible in each of your relationships with the players.

To be honest, I don’t remember much else about what was said that day. But as I reflect this morning, your willingness to set aside time to invest in a high school student you’d never met before — and might never see again — said more to me than any words could.

Fast forward 16 years to last night – after putting the kids to bed, emotions welled up as I watched your post-game interview and press conference. Not because MSU lost. Not because the season is over.  But because of your class and the respect you expressed to Middle Tennessee and the MSU players who gave their all. The way you honored the people and the moment was extraordinary.

When baited
with the “what’s next?” question, you brought everyone back to “what’s most important right now.” In every word and facial expression, you IZZOcoached well. The young men at your side, future players, the university, the community… and me.

Thank you.  I like watching the Spartans win. But I love watching you lead even more. So as you travel home and navigate the weeks ahead, my hope is that you are reminded over and over again that your impact and legacy is far bigger than wins, banners and trophies. I’m proud of you and thankful for you.

With deep respect, appreciation and admiration,



Josh Block

Josh Block

Josh Block is a Michigan native, husband, father of two, speaker, company president, and leadership advocate. He believes that healthy leaders, thriving teams and fulfilling work carry remarkable power to transform people and families.

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  • Sparty 40 says:

    Agree with you completely, what a class act, I really liked it when he said he could not think about the future just the present and what a great send off to his team, it’s got to hurt badly, as it took me 24 hours to get out of my funk.

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