Oh right, for sure…I mean did the world really wake up today, November 19th, 2014 and ask for another blog with its pancakes?

And the topic?  Organizational leadership and corporate culture.  Seriously?  I mean how many others have been doing this for years?  This is so 2009.

While I don’t have authority to speak on behalf of the world, I can say without question that engaging content, knowledge and walking alongside other leaders has been priceless to me.

– Reading about the vision, values and histories of the likes of Zappos, Chick-fil-A, Habitat for Humanity, Southwest Airlines, Disney, Nordstroms, Apple and others…..

– Watching and hearing from leaders and thinkers such as Simon Sinek, Andy Stanley, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Perkins, Malcolm Gladwell, Jim Collins, Max De Pree, Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell and dozens more.

– And lastly, walking alongside – watching, listening and gleaning – Andrew and Leslie Draper and the ULCC community, my wife Lacey, my parents, Steve and Paula Andrews and the Kensington team and Jason Crawford and so many who are part of the Block Imaging team.

I stand on the shoulders of these people and what they’ve given to me as a person and leader.

As one who’s been invested in significantly, I in turn am privileged to have the opportunity to blend together the beliefs, thoughts and actions of others into my real life experiences and journey.

In the coming season, I (along with other practitioners) will be sharing what we’re learning along the way as we pursue living out the deep belief that “People Matter” particularly in the context of work.  While we’ve all seen churches, schools and social institutions seek to live out that belief, it’s so indelibly rare in the workplace.  Why is it that people so frequently leave a place they spend such an enormous portion of their time and energy so drained and unfulfilled?   Why is it so common for “bosses” to have low trust, confidence and belief in “employees” and vice versa?

What would happen if everyone in an organization brought their best?  Worked synergistically?  Was willing to sacrifice for the common good?  Chased after the best and right answers versus their own ideas?  Treated others as they’d like to be treated?

My hope is that as Block Imaging seeks to lead and live out of a belief that “People Matter,” the stories we share will be beneficial to you…..in your leadership…..in your work…..and in your organization.  That the content will provide direction and, in essence, be fuel as you interact, make decisions, pursue a culture and establish a structure that makes way for people to take part in meaningful, challenging and deeply fulfilling work.

Bon voyage.

“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”


Josh Block

Josh Block

Josh Block is a Michigan native, husband, father of two, speaker, company president, and leadership advocate. He believes that healthy leaders, thriving teams and fulfilling work carry remarkable power to transform people and families.

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